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About us


Founded in 1999, JSL is known today as a leader in the commercial drywall industry because we’re committed to providing excellence.

JSL has earned a reputation as a high quality, competitive firm that completes projects on time and within budget. The firm offers a full range of commercial drywall applications and services.

With a capable and highly skilled staff of professionals available exclusively for commercial drywall and ongoing projects, JSL has regularly ranked as one of the leading drywall firms in the region, outranking many well known international firms

At the same time, JSL has remained small enough to ensure that company principals are directly involved in each project we undertake. This approach ensures the involvement of the most experienced and capable personnel and commits JSL at its highest level to the success of our clients’ projects.

The company’s drive and determination to be the best in the industry are accompanied by a genuine dedication to expand its scope of offerings.


Our goal is to help our customers finalize their unique visions into reality, through complex technical understanding, dedication to the vision and with the flexibility to over come any project challenge.

We enter into all projects whether large or small ready to embody and add our own values to the project; quality, honesty, safety and loyalty.


JSL Construction, made the decision to close on Saturdays in 2008.

The Sabbath encompasses our entire relationship with God. It is an indication of God’s action on our behalf in the past, present, and future. JSL Construction believes that all their employees should have an opportunity to rest, spend time with family and friends, and worship God if they choose to do so.

Time Frame of the Sabbath. Biblical Data: The Sabbath starts at the end of the sixth day of the week (Friday) and lasts one day, from evening to evening (Gen 1:5Gen1:8Gen 2:1-3Lucas 23:54-56Lucas 24:1). This time coincides with the time of sunset. That’s why JSL Construction are closed on Saturdays. It’s part of our obedience to God and the secret for success.


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